Tallest girl in my class.

by Destiny
(Chicago, Illinois)

I'm Destiny and I'm about 5'10" and still growing but I'm only 14 and a freshman. I'm taller than half of the guys at my school and of course they wouldn't like a girl who's taller than them so I've basically been single my entire life. Which I'm fine with but I'm not fine with being 5'10".

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Jan 14, 2014
I know what you mean! NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm 14 to and 5ft 10. I'm the tallest in my year and I always have been! I do have tall friends but no matter who I'm with I'm the tallest. My friends who are tall go home and their families are all over 6 foot well on both sides of my family there are only 2 people taller than me and the youngest is 16 years older than me and I don't see them much. I feel really awkward trying to talk to guys even in a friend way because I'm always taller but as I gotten old more guy are becoming taller or at lease my height. Just good to know someone's in the same situation. Xx

Jan 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

Awwww! Thank you so much! You sound like a beautiful person inside and out and that's WAY more important than whatever your height is. One day a very special guy will see that. I Wish you the best!

Jan 10, 2014
It does really suck BUT
by: Anonymous

I'm more responding to the other comment, but I have basically been in this same position my entire life. Until I got to college, I had only ever had two guys remotely interested in me lol. But don't worry. As long as you are confident, pretty, and take care of yourself, and ESPECIALLY have a great personally, you won't be alone forever. That guy at the football probably felt insecure because he was used to asserting himself by being taller, but couldn't do that with you. Don't pay attention to people like that, even though it can hurt your feelings. If you are anything like me, you get double the amount of strangers telling you how pretty you are than saying rude things like that. Looking good is the best revenge. xxoo

Sep 28, 2013
We're like twinzy(:
by: Anonymous

This is way to weird I'm 15 and a freshman too! I'm a girl that is between 5'9 and 5'10 I hate being taller than all the guys I have been single my whole life and I'm soo ready to mingle(; lol i ran into a guy yesterday at a football game and while I said I'm sorry he mumbled under his breath "geez your a giant" lol it's sounds so stupid when I write it! But it actually hurt my feelings and if I didn't have the confidence in myself that I do it would have gotten to me a lot more. CONFIDENCE is key I wish I could tell you it gets better but I really don't know lol you just gotta keep your head up and live a happyy life! Love yourself! Lots of love, just a friend you haven't met yet, Kelsey (ps there is a website called iamsecond.com that always puts my problems in perspective) you can email me anytime at kelseye54321@gmail.com

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