Martin Van Buren Bates - The Kentucky Giant

Another very tall guy of interest is Martin Van Buren Bates. He lived from 1837-1919 and actually participated in the American Civil War. Different accounts have him listed between 7'9" to 7"11, but whatever his true height, it had to have been remarkable for that time.

Martin fought in the Civil War and was noticed for his amazing size on the battlefield. After the war, he met a woman who actually eclipsed him in size. Anna Haining Swan was around 8 feet tall, taller even than Martin himself. The two married in London, England after a courtship.

I find it remarkable that two people of such stature could find each other and marry. From what I've read, they seemed to have been very happy together. The two traveled in the circus and entertained all who came to see. What a riveting site to imagine. A link to his wikipedia article is below.

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