A 5'9' girl in Hong Kong

by Natalie
(Hong Kong)

Hey guys, I am a girl, 5'9' (1.75 m), which is somehow unique and noticeable in Hong Kong. (Bear in mind the average height for women in Hong Kong is 5'2' or 1.58 m.)

All my friends are ranged from 5'3' to 5'5', so I stood out in nearly everything in my daily life. I am the tallest girl in the class, in my ballet group, and on the street.

My growth was somehow weird... In a sense that I grew from 5'3' when I was 12 to 5'9' now that I am 16. It was hard to accept my height at first, since I got absolutely self-conscious and I don't even dare to wear anything higher than 2'. However, as time passes, I grew to love my height.

First of all, being tall can allow you to be more noticeable. My friends can find me so easily in the crowd, and people always look at me with jealous eyes. You will know that it is great to be tall when you get all the attention.

Not only that, another advantage of being tall is that you could reach at a higher point. I have absolutely no problem in reaching the shelves in a supermarket (Hong Kong people are short... -_____-)

So guys (and girls :P), now as a proud 5'9' (I may even grow a little bit more, since my menses was JUST 2 years around), I hope you all are proud of yourselves as well. No matter whether you're tall or short, people who cared about you will always love you forever! :D

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Jun 16, 2013
Good for you!
by: Anonymous

Good for you tall girl! You should be proud and embrace your height! There are many guys who love a taller girl! (Myself included!) so enjoy being tall! And don't be afraid to wear a pair of heels!


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