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Hello, and welcome to this website, all about tall people! It's for all of us out there who know what it's like to live life taller than others. I believe that we experience the world a little differently than everyone else. Because of that, we should have a website devoted just to us.

Being tall can be a really great thing. We all have our own stories to share about our height. It's affected each of us in different ways. This site will attempt to be a true gathering place for tall people and everything that is unique to us. I hope you join us as this site expands, grows, and hopefully becomes a community to meet the needs of tall people!

If you're like me, you know that being tall has its own advantages and disadvantages. It truly makes us unique. It makes us special. I believe that we should use these advantages to help ourselves build a happier life. No matter who you are, or what your age, we all deserve to feel happy. I hope that you can find your inner peace and not only learn to embrace your height, but love it as well.

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You can get started here by clicking on anything that you see. Take your time and browse the site at your leisure. Hopefully you will find something of value to you! This site is a continuous work in progress, so please be sure to check back often.

If you are tall, or if there is someone in your life who is, then this site is for you!

Table of Contents

Tall People Stories
Click here to read many tall people stories, submitted by fellow tall people. You can even submit your own if you wish!
Tall People Problems
Tall People Problems - the Grand List. We've talked of advantages, but what are disadvantages of being tall?
The Advantages of Being Tall
The advantages of being tall are many. Read on to see just a few of them.
Am I Too Tall?
Do you feel too tall? It's ok to feel too tall sometimes but it is nothing you should worry about. All tall people feel this way sometime or another.
Tall Men - Tall People Life
Tall men are very unique in this world. The way we live determines how happy we are. Our height is such a positive thing...
Tall Women
Tall women and girls may be even more special than tall guys! I think it is important for all of us to love who we are.
Tall People Lifestyle
The tall people lifestyle is very different from that of others. If you are tall, you will know exactly what I mean.
Tall People Health
Tall People Health - those who are tall generally face unique health issues not seen by many others. This page is meant to describe some of those health concerns.
Famous Tall People
There are lots of famous tall people out there! Tall people are everywhere. They consist of actors, politicians, musicians, scientists, doctors, activists, and any other kind of person you can think
Tall People Clothes
Tall People Clothes can be very hard to find!! You have to know where to look to get the best deals.
Fun Stuff about Being Tall!
Tall people have many fun stories to share! Why is being tall unique? Fun Stuff describes just that.
Dealing with Tall Comments
Dealing with tall comments from others is something that all of us tall people go through. All of us know what it is like to be told we are tall over and over. But how do we deal with it?
Songs About Tall People
Here are some songs about tall people. If you know of any more, please send them in!
How Tall Will I Be?
Exactly how tall will I be? There are lots of factors that can determine how tall a person will become. The biggest is to probably take note of how tall your family is.
Tall Teens
This page is all about tall teens. If you know what it is like to be a tall teen you are not alone.
Cars for Tall People
This page is all about cars for tall people. Come and recommend cars for tall drivers and let's help each other out!
Living With Back Pain
Back pain is an undeniable source of frustration for many people, but there are things we can do to make it better. Following certain steps could change your life and your livability.
Airplane Seating For Tall People
Tall people can have it really hard when it comes to fitting into airplane seats. It would be great if this could be improved in the future.
Do Tall People Earn More Money?
Do tall people earn more money? It appears that yes, they do. It makes us wonder the reasons for this.
Fitting Into Places as a Tall Person
It can be very hard as a tall person to fit into certain places. Tall people may need to squeeze their bodies just to sit or stand.
Tall People Exercises
Tall people exercises are really not much different from the kinds of workouts others would do. It's mostly important to stick with a fitness regimen.
Showers for Tall People
Showers for tall people can be difficult, but very fun compared to people of lesser height. It's all in your perception.
Standing Out In A Crowd
For us, standing out in a crowd is very common, because it is related to who we are. I hope every tall person out there can learn to see it as a positive thing.
A Tall People Club?
Would you like to see a tall people club? What would you recommend that the club be about? This website is all about tall people experiences.
Tall Women Short Men
Tall women short men couples are common and can be great! There is nothing to worry about if you are in a relationship like this. Lots of couples are very happy with their height difference.
Being Tall at the Movie Theater
It's hard being tall at the movie theater! But it also has it's advantages for us. We can see over people's heads. We usually don't have to worry about not being able to see the screen.
Being a Very Tall Guy
Being a very tall guy can be unique, but also challenging. It can be difficult growing up with a large height difference over other people. Even so, it shouldn't be something to find hard times
Do you play basketball?
Do you play basketball? How many times have you ever been asked this question? If you're like me, you've heard this many times. Like probably into the thousands of times. It's a question we tall peopl
Beds for Tall People
It is hard to find great beds for tall people and even harder to lay in normal beds sometimes. Being tall can make it tough to squeeze into most beds out there.
Are tall people happier?
Are tall people happier? I love being a tall person. It intrigues me when I see articles and news clips saying that tall people might be happier in life.
Tall People In History
Believe it or not, there were a lot of interesting tall people in history who were heralded for their height. There is information about them all over the net, and I'll try to gather some interesting
Robert Wadlow
Robert Wadlow is the tallest known person in history. It's really amazing to think of what it would feel like to be as tall as him. Could you imagine 8 feet 11 inches?
Meeting a Tall Person
If you're meeting a tall person, you may be surprised by their height at first. Most people are. Believe me, us tall people know all about the "mystique" we can provide.
Comebacks for Comments on our Height
Tall people sometimes use comebacks when commented on about their height. Don't be afraid to share any that you have!
Tall People Today
How many tall people do you know who are famous? It may seem as if there aren't that many, but you might be surprised at how many are out there.
Casting for a New Television Series!
Casting for a new television series about tall people is currently underway. Are you interested?
Why It's Great To Be A Tall Guy
Why is being a tall guy so great? One of the reasons I'm doing this site is so that others who might have insecurities about their height can find the positives of being tall. If you're a guy, there
Martin Van Buren Bates - The Kentucky Giant
Another very tall guy of interest is Martin Van Buren Bates. He lived from 1837-1919 and actually participated in the American Civil War. Different accounts have him listed between 7'9" to 7"11, but w
Famous Celebrity Heights
This page contains a list of some famous celebrity heights.. How tall is your favorite celebrity?
How Tall is Tom Cruise?
How tall is Tom Cruise? The movie star is quite known for his height. Everyone seems to always be asking about his height.
How Tall is Brad Pitt?
How tall is Brad Pitt? The answer may surprise you a little. We all thought he would be a little bit taller than his actual height.
How Tall is Johnny Depp?
Just how tall is Johnny Depp? He's a unique actor who usually plays a lot of quirky-type roles. His height is something people are always asking about.
Hug A Tall Person Day
Hug A Tall Person Day is a fun little holiday I've spotted that happens to be popular online.Us taller folk probably agree that it could become a national holiday. You could give a shoutout to all yo
Tall People Heart Problems
Are there tall people heart problems? Heart health in tall people is interesting. I've read some reports that claim being taller seems to reduce your risk for having heart problems as you age.
How tall is Nicole Kidman?
Just how tall is Nicole Kidman? She is a leading lady in Hollywood known by a lot of people for her height.
How Tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger?
You may be thinking "How tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger?" His height makes him stand out for his famous movie roles and for being well-toned.
How Tall is Shakira?
Many people ask "How tall is Shakira?" She's not very tall at all and is well-known for being small in the music world.
How Tall is Katie Holmes?
How tall is Katie Holmes? You may be wondering how tall Tom Cruise's former wife happens to be. She is a bit taller than him and the whole world seemed to know about it when they were together.
How Tall is Beyonce Knowles?
How tall is Beyonce Knowles? The singer, known just as Beyonce, is 5'7 in height and is taller than the average woman. She is extremely popular around the world and will be popular for years to come.
How Tall is Matt Damon?
You may be wondering, "How Tall is Matt Damon?" Damon has been popular for the last decade or so and has had starring roles in more than a few flicks.
A short intro about me.. and why I made this site.
Who I am and why I made this site. Us tall people deserve a site of our own!
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